SELSET Education Centre (formerly SELSET New Zealand Centre) is a Malaysian company incorporated in 1982, and is managed by professionals who have studied, lived and worked in New Zealand. Our education recruitment and consulting services began in 2002, with a focus purely on New Zealand education, acting as official Malaysian representatives for New Zealand universities, polytechnics, colleges, schools and private institutions.

As a pioneer New Zealand centre in the early 2000s, Selset Centre set out on a mission to introduce NZ as a viable study destination for Malaysians.

This was

at a time when few students had considered New Zealand as a study destination, yet we persisted to introduce and promote New Zealand’s way of applied learning because we believed (and still do) in the quality of New Zealand’s world class British based education system; and not to mention the beautiful, breathtaking landscapes fit for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Almost 2 decades later, we are happy to say we are still the most focused New Zealand education specialists around, hosting 2 major NZ roadshows annually in Peninsular Malaysia. We are based in Subang Jaya, Penang and Seremban

Our services include:

  • Free education counselling.
  • Application guidance and submission.
  • Providing accommodation information.
  • Student Visa guidance and submission.
  • Referral to partner travel consultants for flight arrangements.
  • Pre-departure briefing.
  • Linking NZ & Malaysian education institutions.

We invite you to discover New possibilities, and New experiences in New Zealand!